This extension offers more advanced up-to starting and down-to
stopping, by calculating a dependency graph of defstates. It does
this by looking at the namespace dependencies where the defstates
are defined. Using this graph, mount will only start or stop the
transitive dependencies or dependents.

Using these functions, your project *must* include the
org.clojure/tools.namespace library. This extension has been tested
with version 0.2.11 of that library.


Build two graphs of state keywords, represented as maps where the
values are the dependencies or dependents of the keys. See also


(start)(start up-to-var)
Just like the core `start`, except with an `up-to-var`, it only
starts the transitive dependencies of that state.


(stop)(stop down-to-var)
Just like the core `stop`, except with a `down-to-var`, it only
stops the transitive dependents of that state.